EarFood Is a series of Cds based on the frequencies of the VoiceBio program

TONE Your Way To Better Health

Some suggestions on JoyToning

Start a journal of your goals and intentions for joytoning.

Date your writings so you can go back and view your progress.

State your GOAL/INTENTION before each session begins.

What do you want to happen? Example: You want to build the note of C because of a low thyroid function. You are tired and depressed and want to relieve stress and feel mentally calmer. VISUALIZE YOUR DESIRE IN ACTION AS YOU TONE. As you tone feel your intentions happening throughout your body and your mind.

Try and make a mental note as you tone as to what tones or sounds that are helping or not helping you as you go. INHALE JOY- Exhale that which you no longer need!


The Earfood Tone-A-Long series consists of 12 Cds that help you build energy through sound and toning based on the notes after a VoiceBio voice print assessment. Theses are the sounds you should tone when your note is low.
In each CD of this series we focus on one specific note of the musical scale. Each sound is introduced before we tone them as a group. There are between 10 to 15 vocal sounds for each note. So each Cd will have between 10 to 15 sound exercises for you to tone to. There are no hidden subliminal messages or binaural beats in these CDs! There are frequencies and harmonics from Crystal and Tibetan bowls, a slow drum pulse and tone generated frequencies for each note plus our JoyToners toning the sounds with intention. The exercises are 4 count in breaths with 16 count out breaths and cycles of 8 per sound. It may take a few sessions to get use to the breath workout.
These toning exercises were developed by Jeff Cozy (a certified VoiceBio practitioner & trainer) and recorded at Bright Ideas Studios, La Crosse, WI by the JoyToners. The Joytoners are a community group that has come together to share their healing intentions through toning and the use of VoiceBio.

When toning we are focusing our consciousness inward and it is best to give our full attention to the healing breath and to the tones. Find a quiet place that you will not be interrupted. This toning program will take approximately 45 minutes per CD for you to complete. For best results you'll need to actively participate by toning on a regular basis.

These recordings were recorded with a binaural microphone shaped much like a human head that captures the sounds like we hear. Listening with headphones will sound like you are toning right with the JoyToners recording group. If you choose to use headphones adjust the levels to a comfortable sound level that will not hurt your ears. Headphones are not necessary but having a good sound system will assure you are getting all the frequencies.


Love knows no boundaries and it is with great appreciation for and of both the VoiceBio assessment techniques/practice and the use of the EarFood Healing Tone Series in a Healing Modality, I am writing to you.

During a normal VoiceBio session with a client of mine, one obvious pattern of imbalance showing on the client (LM’s ) VoicePrint where indications that there was 100% stress area showing in the frequency F# while a weakened frequency C (6%), it’s Sympathetic resonance also appeared. Continuing along in the session , I selected the sound frequency CD (C) from the EarFood series for LM to tone in . Since we were at the location of a friend who had referred her (upon completion of her own VoiceBio series), and neither of them had a CD player, I placed the CD into my computer, and plugged in earphones to give her a listen, Within seconds, she broke the quiet with a shout, “I can hear this”! I observed her grinning from ear to ear, and then a calm appeared to replace which once were wrinkled furrows on her face as she began the toning exercises. She purchased the CD to begin her own therapy.

The friend of LM suggested that they venture over to a Music supply store, (in an effort to purchase a headphone set of the best quality), since they each wanted to obtain the best results in their practice with Sound Therapy.

What is significant about this from my perspective , is that LM was born overseas in Germany, grew up during World War II when a bomb had exploded near her (at age 6); at which point LM experienced a significant loss of hearing. LM described to me that she has not heard music until this very experience! Due to the tremendous range of VoiceBio and in increasing the listening capacity with the hearing the “Ear Food “ series, this was a breakthrough! She continues to tone today, and her sound hearing range is increasing . I also noted that one area of the frequency of (F#) that had indicated where a vibratory imbalance occurred and seen as stress involved the (Inner Ear) where the challenge appeared.

In the successive “follow-up” I conducted within 30/days, the (F#) frequency indications were showing at 60% while the frequency she was toning in (C) increased to 18% from it’s initial 6%.

She continues toning today!

Janice M. Merits Oliver, HC, ST
“Certified Sound Therapist”

Hi Jeff ~ I'd love to share this exciting story with you.  I'm delighted with the results as this dear little three year old just laid on a bean bag chair when I first did the voice print in May, he was experiencing 7/8 seizures daily and I had difficulty getting enough (45) sounds out of him.  He'd been born with brain damage which seemed to be small spots all throughout the brain.  Initially we used the guitar tuner for the pitch, however, the sound was objective to him.   We started the EarFood in June.  We're utilizing diet (no carbs), herbal/nutritional products to feed the body and your wonderful EarFood for the liver (G) to work and build neurotransmitters and the brain (F#) to hopefully build new receptors.  The EarFood is played almost constantly and especially when he's sleeping.   The CD's are rotated.  By August we'd reduced his seizures by 84%.   I saw him Tues. of this week, and he's developing beautifully, making noises, moving his arms and legs (they've now begun physical therapy) and the exciting part about this last visit is that he's showing a lot of emotions on his Vibe-Print.   During October Patrick had been seizure free for four weeks.   That's the longest since he'd been born.   The seizures started up again and his Mother increased the Gaba, and they stopped.  We're slowly weaning him off Kepra and replacing it with the natural Gaba.  I've recently been working with Clell Flowels, NSP Health Sciences Director as a consultant for the herbal products.  You've done something wonderful and I for one am grateful.  Patrick defiantly began a great improvement with the intro of the EarFood.   He even pouts now ;-)  Take good care, continue your good work. 
My mentor (Arlene Oostdyk who does Iridology)   and I do consultation appointments with her clients.  I'm a Certified VoiceBio Therapist.   We've found that those who tone in addition to the other recommendations are healing faster than those who do not.   This is borne out by the Iris healing in the eye.               Blessings, Joan O'Rourke

Joan O'Rourke ~ Certified VoiceBio Therapist ~ New Jersey


Just want to thank you - I love the energy . The world is in great need of this kind of energy, your kind and many others. I believe once we heal each other as a family, a community, - we then will be able to heal the earth. Thank you once again for all you'll do - for helping create the balance. ~ Vicki Baker ~ West Virginia

The Cds are the most efficient and easy way to get the "tone" into your body. It is also a very pleasant experience.  I recommend them and use the C and C# with good results. 

Jan Cercone ~ Music Practitioner, RN, MA ~ www.musicforjoyandhealing.com ~ Santa Rosa, CA

Dear Jeff,
I am a certified Voice Bioanalysis Practitioner in New York City.   I personally used your EarFood cd for the first time a couple of weeks ago when my children, 12 and 9 and I had all been suffering from what started as upper respiratory congestion, which I thought was either allergies or viral, so treated nutritionally/herbally that way.  When my kids had red glassy eyes, and I confirmed their need for the note of B with their voiceprints, they toned in B and used Colloidal Silver in their eyes and orally, from Nature's Sunshine and recovered within 24 hours. 
When I missed a chiropractic adjustment, I got worse, and suddenly my teeth hurt and my snot was yellow (bacterial infection).  I adjusted my nutritional herbal support (lots of garlic!), and took homeopathic flu remedy, but still didn't clear out, which I would have in the past.  I could not breathe that night, all three layers of my head were so blocked:  the nose itself, the first sinus cavity behind the nose, and the layer behind that. I started toning with your EarFood cd in the note of B, knowing from my voiceprint that I had little or no energy in B, and was very high in F (Sinuses/allergies, in addition to ears and eyes.  Within TWO MINUTES, let me say it again, within 2 minutes (I timed it) of toning with your EarFood B cd, I was TOTALLY CLEAR, all three "layers" of my sinuses.
I was AMAZED.  I listened to the cd for the full length in bed after midnight.  When I woke up about 2 hours later and started to clog up again, I listened again.  I watched the clock and again, within 2 minutes I completely cleared out; I felt it going as I listened.  May I also say that as a co-sleeper (family bed) I was not alone in bed in the wee hours, so was not audibly singing or humming along, so as to not disturb the others.  Even just LISTENING I got these great results.
Thank you for these great cds.   Please,  Please tell me how I can be set up so I or my clients can order individual cds through you.
May the blessings abound to you and the Joy Toners,
Neva D. Strom, Esq. ~ Certified VoiceBio Practitioner ~ New York, New York

I 'm a classically trained singer. For me toning was just a chance to sing again. That was until I toned in B. Have you toned in B yet? Let's just say that B is for the colon, among other things, and that the next day was colorful and bountiful. I'm a believer !!
Michael Ames ~ JoyToner Blair, WI
GREAT JOB on the Ear Food CD's !!!! real nice, quality product.
Mark and Nancy Coulter ~ Lafayette, NJ
Dear Jeff,
The first time I played my Ear Food Note of C, I toned lying in bed with my little Maltepoo pet, Jackson Joseph, sitting next to me on my right side. (For reference, I began with 2% energy in my Note of C on my VoiceBio assessment and the opposite note, F#, was 100%.)
I placed the headphones on my ears and began toning along with you and your Joy Toners. Before I reached the third exercise, Jackson moved from my side--not farther away from what may have been to a small dog a little scary with my deep breathing, sometimes cracking voice, and occasional off-key sounds--but closer.  He sat his hind end on the top of my pillow, braced his front paws firmly against the crown of my head and stayed there for the rest of the forty-five minute exercise. It was if he, too, wanted to be a recipient of these life-giving sounds, or perhaps, he wanted to help me restore the vibratory balance of my body by ensuring the vibrations could be enhanced by placing his paws directly on my crown: one of seven energy meridians where the natural pathways interconnect all organs and body systems. Whatever his desire, he remarkably stayed planted above me during the toning exercise, and when I finished he moved back to my side! 
What is also remarkable, Jeff, is that each time I use my Ear Food Note of C, I can feel the energy flowing freely through my body so much more vibrantly when I complete my toning than when I begin.  During one recent session, I even sensed a blockage in my lower right leg be released--one I did not know existed.
I have used my Ear Food for only a short time and already my Note of C has risen to 23%, and my F# has fallen to 85%--a more harmonious balance than when I first began.  I am so excited when I think about the healing that will take place in my body the more I tone with your Ear Food.  I firmly believe your method of using the body as an instrument of sound and ACTIVELY participating in your own recovery rather than passively listening to the tones provide better and faster results. We are, after all, responsible for our own health!
Nancy Williams ~ VoiceBio Practitioner ~ Mount Dora, FL 

Dear Jeff,
I so appreciate your EarFood Toning Cds.
The last couple of years I've had the pleasure of moving into menopause. For any of you that
have had this delightful surprise, I wish to say that Jeff's Earfood Toning Cds have been of great
help. I've only used them for 1 month and already I have experienced a big difference. I feel
that they've given me a hand up into a better place inside. My body and mind have responded
nicely. I feel as if I'm gaining more control of my days again.
Many Blessings To All Striving To Be The Best You Can Be, Cynthia
Thank You Jeff Cozy
Cynthia McCarthy ~ VoiceBio Practitioner ~ Venice, FL

I did a Voice Print on a client recently for the purpose of determining the
underlying cause of his continuing heart problems. The print showed that he
was missing the notes of C and E in his voice.
He decided to take home a bottle of Colloidal Iodine and the Ear Food cd for
the note of E. He used both every day for 10 days while on vacation. When
he returned home, he discovered that his psoriasis on his elbows and back
had completely disappeared. This was truly amazing to both of us!
Kay Lubecke, B.A., M.S., Certified VoiceBio Practitioner in Flagstaff, Arizona

I am a musician and singer of 30 or so years . Toning was a new and eye opening experience for me. The first night of toning in the studio I had what I would call a healing experience. It effected me both spiritually and physically. For years I have suffered from enlarged lymphatic nodes that stretched from my neck and left armpit towards my elbow. They were hard like cysts. That evening while toning I became overheated. I felt hot and started sweating profusely. I became light headed and needed to sit down. Jeff stopped the group at one point and got me some water. I remember the lights flickering. As the toning continued I felt very peaceful but still kept sweating. When the group stopped for the evening I left right away and went home to bed. The next morning when I woke my arm felt different and when I felt my arm there were no more lumps. I attribute this to the toning and intention we were taught in class that night. The note we toned that night was C.
Rich Metille ~ JoyToner ~ Holmen, WI

These Cds are for toning specific notes based on a VoiceBio Voice Print

Sold only as Single CDs.

No MP3 files available.

All The Toning Cds are droning one specific note through the whole album. These are NOT music CDs.